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"L&L were partners from day one. Their proactive and collaborative approach allowed us to bring two iconic Canadian brands together in a short period of time. We were thrilled with the results and it was a true team effort every step of the way."

โ€” Karen Zuccala, Former VP Global Marketing

"As a startup, it was important for us to get this campaign right and deliver a very specific message to Canadians. Linda & Linda was able to effectively understand our needs, plug into our existing team and turn the campaign from a big-sky idea into a real-life execution. This campaign is a significant milestone for us, and working with Paul and Zac made the experience easier than I could have hoped for. It was a dream collaboration."

โ€” Jon Christensen, CEO

"Zac and Paul were a pleasure to collaborate with and they surpassed our expectations. Their creative work simplified the complex and elevated our brand. All stakeholders were thrilled with their execution."

โ€” Nicole Allis, Director of Communications

"We had an amazing experience working with Zac and Paul. They understood our vision and created something truly awesome."

โ€” Osama Siddique, Co-CEO

"Hiring L&L was one of the best decisions I made as the Head of Marketing at Travelzoo! What struck me was both Paul and Zac's willingness to have a positive, "yes, and" attitude to any creative challenge."

โ€” Candy Lee, Former Head of Marketing

"Paul and Zac revamped and sharpened our look. Some changes were bold; others, subtle. They dove deep and sweat the details while always thinking about the big picture of the brand."

โ€” Jason Chow, Managing Partner